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Thanks for taking the time to read my Tips and Trends and Newsletter. My goal is for you to get to know me and the girls a little better, to keep you updated on the ever changing styles and our education that keeps us learning to create CHANGE.  What has happened as a bonus is Ive gotten to know myself a little better and I realize that since I  do something I love , its never really work. 

Tip and Trends

WE ARE LOVING THE OMBRE and so are our clients!!

Whether we are doing "Louis Vuitton Brown" ombred into a deep Wheat Blonde or from Black to Lipstick Red...We've mastered this technique.  
 We may have learned The Ombre in New York but our clients are loving it here just the same.
Thanks to our dedication to our education...
There's no reason for our clients to envy Celebrities.

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Holidays are coming?

Getting Married? Night on the town?

 Just want to feel pretty? 


What are you gong to do with your hair to dress it up?

I say follow the lead of our 2 Hair To Stay Brides.."Tall Jen and 'Little Jen"  They both just got married and  (as you can see in the pictures on the right) they looked beautiful!!

Put some big curls in with a big curling iron. Keep the bangs smooth. Then start bobby pinning them while gently pulling the hair back working toward a side. Like your heading toward a side pony tail but not so severe.

The result is elegant, loose, and sexy.

Ready for a color change but want to keep it natural with very little up keep and affordable?  We were trained in New York this summer to use our new Illumination Technique...and our clients love it!
This means more of  a "tone on tone" rather than "highlights" and we do some beautiful color with few foils.  
 Picture brown hair with chestnut tones or blonde hair with wheat or honey tones.




Someone asked me a favor. 
Boy...did it seem like alot of work.  How would I have the time to pull this off?  Between the kids and the salon.  This isn't convienent.  Then I thought neither is this disease, or any for that matter.
The favor was...
Can you come to Willowbrook High School and do a Breast Cancer Fundraiser by putting PINK Extensions in their hair?
Ill definitely need some girls...Hope they'll help.

Well, they ALL came.  And again I learned something.

We all need a team. Whether a team of doctors to help you fight. A family team to give you support.  A team of friends to listen to you cry, or even a team of girls to pull off what started as doing something for Cancer, but ended with our hearts being filled with love ...so we actually did something for ourselves as well.

Breast Cancer is Pink...But Cancer is Colorblind.

As I looked at MY TEAM, in our matching shirts..
I thought ...we help people look good and feel better...and now together we've done that on a whole new level.
Take clear water. Put a drop of  red food coloring..and though the drop is small...it changes.
That was us. But my little team made a difference and to me thats what my life is all about. 

I KNOW my job is perfect for me.

I KNOW I love what I do.  But why?? 

There are 2 things that make me happy there and I know EXACTLY  who and why.

1.    I couldn't work without "my girls" and that I KNOW.  They are my friends and my team.  We spend 40 hours a week in one room...and we wouldn't have it any other way.  We learn together, work on clients together,  go to family parties together, go to the bar together (SO FUN), and have definitely cried together. 

They can read my mind and my heart.  Their talent amazes me everyday.  Its hard not to like life when they're in it. 

2.  The people who come in the salon.  Clients, Guests, Customers...no names seem to fit because they become family & friends.  I learn so much from them.  Everyday is a life lesson.  A funny story, a family story, a love story, and story of loss.  All have shaped my life.  

 I get thanked everyday. I know teachers don't. I know Moms don't.   I do.

But what they dont know is how they effect my life by walking in and just talking.  Just being themselves. 

Just telling a story...

SO ...Thank YOU.







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